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I’ve got a bunch of talks and conferences and other things scheduled in the coming weeks:

  • October 1: Archiving Social Media, Center for History and New Media
  • October 14, 6.00 pm: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • October 21-23: Internet Research 11, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • October 27, 8.00 pm: New School faculty workshop
  • October 29, 3.00 pm: Boston University
  • November 10, 2.30 pm: Center for Cultural Analysis, Literature and New Media Working Group, Rutgers University
  • November 11, 4.30 pm: Keynote, Re-Humanities, Haverford College

Looking a bit further down the road, I’ve got a few more things scheduled:

  • January 6-9: MLA, Los Angeles
  • February 1: Bard Graduate Center
  • March 2: Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities/Illinois Informatics Institute, University of Illinois

And there are a few other possible events lingering on the horizon.

It’s going to be busy, needless to say, but I’m grateful to have the opportunity to visit so many great programs this year.

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