Updated Count

(11 x 100-page screenplays) + (8 x 20-page term papers) = two very long days before I leave town

[UPDATE to the Update, 12.11 am, 12.15.04: 3 term papers remain. I’ve had much caffeine, and so may attempt to press on, but my grading skills are rapidly degenerating, from whatever sorry point at which they began. I’m not a late-night worker anymore, and haven’t been for years…]

[UPDATE of the Update to the Update, 10.49 pm, 12.15.04: Term papers are done, and grades for that class are calculated. 8 screenplays remain between me and the holidays. Or between me and total collapse. Take your choice.]

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  1. Thanks, Jason! I’m feeling very nearly there, 800 pages of remaining reading notwithstanding…

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